July 25, 2012


DesiderioChocolates reached their KickStarter goal of $14,000!! As of now they have $15,408.

Get rewarded in CHOCOLATE!! 
Yes I said CHOCOLATE!!

Vanessa Dionne started her business, DesiderioChocolates, in 2008. She currently does all her chocolate work by hand, but with your support can help her purchase a small enrobing machine. The machine is for tempering chocolate and has a conveyor belt attached that coats the confections. You can help DesiderioChocolates raise the $14,000 funds by clicking here: desiderio-chocolates-vegan-confections-launch. Any pledges over $15 gets you wonderful treats; the more you pledge the more chocolate you get!  The last date to back Vanessa's Kickstarter campaign is August 2nd

DesiderioChocolates are completely vegan.  Don't think they lack in flavor because DesiderioChocolates uses unique local Colorado ingredients such as Colorado Ruby Port, Stranahans whiskey and Left Hand Brews; as well as organic ingredients such as blood orange and hibiscus, organic rosemary with Celtic grey sea salt,black mission figs, Masala Mango and more. 

Milk Stout, Imperial Stout brews from Longmont Left Hand Brewing Company and Stranahans from Stranahans Colorado Whiskey

 Vegan dark chocolate caramel & nougat mini bars

Vegan pomegranate salted caramels 
DesiderioChocolates make great gifts, party or wedding favors.  You don't have to visit the Rockies to enjoy these delectable delights, DesiderioChocolates will ship all over the United States. 

To find out more or order:
1749 N Main St.
Longmont, Colorado 80501
Phone: (720) 934-3074

July 10, 2012

Radar Watches

I was having trouble with metal watches irritating my wrist and started looking for a different option.  Unfortunately, anything that could have been considered an option would have been best for a 5 year old. I found an option with RADAR Watches; their watches feature a silicone band which is comfortable and lightweight. I was a bit nervous that at silicone would make my wrist sweat, but it has not.  There is an interchangeable face that a stainless steel case back, but because it sits inside the silicone band the metal is not touching my skin.  The small amount of metal from the clasp that actually contacts my skin has not caused any sort of irritation either. I have four different colors, plus one LED light up face; I can make different combinations with just a couple clicks. 

If you are looking for a fun watch that creates a conversation, you need to see RADAR Watches.  RADAR  Watches feature interchangeable watch faces and bands in 10 vibrant colors which make 100 possible combinations. If you cannot decide on a color RADAR Watches has created  RADAR2 Theory which packages watch combinations of 3, 6, and 10 and YOU pick the colors and save up to 33%!

If you own 3 colors…you will have 9 possibilities,
If you own 6 colors…you will have 36 possibilities,
If you have all 10 colors…you will have 100 interchangeable watches.

Viking Fans- Check out the purple and gold  
With the hundreds of combinations you can pick your favorite colors, or support your favorite school or sports team by combining their colors.

Recently,  RADAR Watches released the “Special Agent"; this watch features a vibrant multi color LED light that illuminates the face of the watch and flashes colors. Currently the "Special Agent" is available in RED, WHITE, BLUE and BLACK.  Radar sent me one of the first ones and it is a lot of fun 

Owner, Adam Pratt, does sell the watches wholesale to retailers and works with organizations to help raise money.  I recently found out from Adam that they can add logos and custom designs to the face (there is a minimum order required per color).  I am working with Adam to expand his market as well as work with various organizations to benefit financially from  RADAR Watch sales.  I you are interested in adding  RADAR Watches to your stores inventory or raising money for your organization, contact me and we can get you on RADAR.

When ordering a RADAR watch use coupon code TRsmallserving and receive 10% off your order. This special is not available on already reduced packages in the RADAR2 Theory or U.F.O sections.

To find out more about  RADAR Watches visit them at Radar Watches 
Follow them on Facebook  or Twitter