12 in 12 Updates

Last Update: 12/18/2012

  I promised updates to the 12 in ’12 list
1.  Cook with John Besh- I sent John one of my New Year’s cards.  I have not heard from him. I recently sent him and email and direct message on Twitter to schedule time for a visit to New Orleans to cook with him. Unfortunately, I have not heard from him; I am guessing he is pretty busy.  I did hear from a woman named Ariane via email who works with John; he was gone until July 1st.  I look forward to connecting with here again soon.  Of all the items on my list this one will be the most challenging, but I am not giving up. 

2.  [DONE] Plan and Execute "Dining in the Dark" for Fifty Lanterns. - Recently I saw another event locally called "Dining in the Dark" I need to revamp this idea, get with my friend Linda, drink some wine and get something planned to raise money and awareness for Fifty Lanterns. While this event did not take place as planned, I did help Linda promote Fifty Lanterns throughout the year.  Linda had some friends who wanted to plan a fundraiser for her; she asked me to attend the meeting to give imput on what these women wanted to do. At the meeting I quickly determined the women were women who attended events, not planned events.  They had some interesting ideas, but no directionon how to execute them.  They also did not have any follow through and the idea of planning a fundrasing event were tossed aside like last season's high heels.  Linda is an outstanding photographer and decided to use her photography to raise money.  On December 2, she opened her studio for 15 minute photo sessions in exchange for a donation to Fifty Lanterns.  Linda shot 698 photos and raised $830 to purchase solar lights for Ugandan grandmothers who take care of orphans.  It may not be the event I initially thought of, but I am not giving up on an event to raise more money for Fifty Lanterns. To find out more about this awesome organization visit  http://www.fiftylanterns.org/

   3.  Have a drink made by all the bartenders in book North Star Cocktail by Johnny Michaels. This is probably one of my favorite things on the list to do.  I suppose I should list them so I can cross them off as I have one of their stellar cocktails. So for tracking purposes here is the list: 

Johnny Michaels    
Chad Larson
Megan Arts
Tim Leary
Jourdan Gomez      
Garrett Nitzchke
Birk Grudem
Dan Oskey
Pip Hanson
Michael Rasmussen
Adam Harness
Richy Rivera
Jesse Held
Christat Robinson
Rob Jones
Jeff Rogers
Shawn Jones
Sonya Runkle
Gina Kent
Peder Schweigert
Nicholas Kosevich
Thea Sheffert
Ira Koplowitz
Geoffrey Trelstad
Collin Lace
Andy Truskolsk

As a member of the North Star Bartenders Guild I am privileged to spend time with some of the bartenders who contributed to Northstar Cocktail. The Guild has hosted several events in the past twelve months that have allowed me to enjoy cocktails by some of the bartenders above.  I think, however, I will still visit them at their bars. It is nice to chat with them and then have them sign the book. (The things I will do to cross items off my list) 

4.   [DONE] Run 12k - (7.46 miles) I am not a runner, never really have been.  I bought myself a pair of running shoes and have been walking and doing a little running on my treadmill.  I did find a program that is designed to help non-runners train for a 5k in months.  I did run, all be it not that far, with my niece this summer.  Karley is a much more conditioned runner and I told her to go on without me.  I decided that I should work on my 12K in moderation. So it might have been a half mile at a time, but I did it.

5.   New Car- I currently drive a 1996 Toyota Corolla it now has over 200,000 miles on it. It is starting to show its age.  I think it is time for something new.  I do enjoy my Toyota and it has been an awesome car, first stop is the Toyota dealer. I am not in a big hurry so I have time to take a few cars out for a spin. The next few weeks will be dedicated to test drives.

6.   Lose 30 lbs. (and not find it again).  I think everyone puts "lose weight" on their new year’s resolution list.  I wonder what the percentage of people who achieve that goal is.  30 lbs may be a lofty goal, but when broken down it is only 2.5 lbs per month.  I have a treadmill in my condo now and I am in the habit of working out on it every day even if it is just a few minutes.  I need to increase my time on the treadmill and also on my bike.  I still have 17 lbs. to go which is still realistic at 2.83 lbs per month.

    7.  Skydive again - I keep seeing people posting on Facebook about going sky diving.  They usually talk about being afraid or saying "I have always wanted to but..." But what?? Get out and live!!  I say the same thing "GO DO IT!" Until the first time I jumped I was the same way; I kept saying "I have always wanted to sky dive" so I put it on my list of 40 Things to do Before I was 40. My opportunity came when Crispin Cider hosted their first Crispin Adventure.  It was the way to make the commitment to get it done.  I did it and I loved it! I want to do it again.  I am looking for people to go with me on jump #2.  

    8. [DONE]  Try 12 new restaurants - In 2011, I officially became a food blogger.  I have set goals of new restaurants every year.  I am keeping it on there to inspire me to keep trying new restaurants. I think everyone should do this.  On my list so far: La Belle Vie, Bachelor Farmer, Cafe' Levain, The Lowery, Cafe Maude, Spill the Wine,  Haute Dish, Pizzeria Lola, Al Vento...ok this list is rapidly growing and I haven't even added the local food truck I need to try in 2012.  My fellow food bloggers will have more recommendations so I am not worried about reaching this goal.

  1. The Lowry (Minneapolis, MN)
  2.  Swirl (Afton, MN)
  3.  PBR Rock Bar & Grill (Las Vegas, NV)
  4. The Pub (Las Vegas, NV)
  5. Broadway Burger Bar (Las Vegas, NV)
  6. Hash House A Go Go (Las Vegas, NV)
  7. Margaritaville (Las Vegas, NV)
  8. Eat Street Social (Minneapolis, MN)
  9. The Town Hall Tap (Minneapolis, MN)
  10.  Create Catering (Minneapolis, MN)
  11.  Porter & Frye (Minneapolis, MN)
  12. Cafe Maude (Minneapolis, MN)
  13. Rye Deli (Minneapolis, MN)
  14. Tilia (Minneapolis, MN)
  15.  B-52's (Inver Grove Heights, MN) - I would not recommend this one to anyone.
  16. Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Café (Sioux Falls, SD)
  17. Diner on Phillips (Sioux Falls, SD)
  18. Porter Creek Hardwood Grill (Burnsville, MN)
  19. Cafe Levain (Minneapolis, MN)
  20. Mona's Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
  21. Bradstreet Crafthouse (Minneapolis, MN)
  22. Oak City Grill (Bloomington, MN)
  23. Redwood Creek Grill (Redwood Creek, CA)
  24. The Fish Market (San Mateo, CA)
  25. The Left Handed Cook (Minneapolis, MN)
  26. Get Sauced! (Food Truck-Minneapolis, MN)
  27. Sushi Fix (Food Truck-Minneapolis, MN)
  28. World Street Kitchen (Food Truck-Minneapolis, MN)
  29. The Salty Tart (Minneapolis, MN)
  30. LaBelle Crepes (Minneapolis, MN)
  31. Strip Club (St. Paul, MN)
  32. Busted Nut (Hastings, MN)
  33. Foxy Fallafel (Minneapolis, MN)
  34. Red Rock Cafe (Hastings, MN)
  35. Sam's Grill (Bloomington, MN)
  36. LaBelle Vie (Minneapolis, MN)

9.   Trip requiring my passport - I haven't done any planning for trips requiring my passport.  Still have time and 10 Euro in my purse. 

10.  [DONE] New Job - In my three month updated I mentioned working with Bob Curtis at the Bob Curtis Agency in Lakeville, MN.  I have continued to do work for him.  However I am still keeping options open by sending out resumes and cover letters.  I try not to let not getting a response back frustrate me; unfortunately it seems to be the norm with companies to not respond. I have also continued to grow my network of people.

11.  Meet up with 12 people I know only via Facebook, but have never met. This one was inspired by Nate Anderson.
1.  [DONE] Nate Anderson-Nate you will find behind the camera at KARE11. Nothing is ever slow in the news business, but at least we have kept update via Facebook.  Nate also does incredible photography which I always enjoying checking out.  Recently, Nate has been stalked by some evil penguins that invaded KARE11. I just hope nothing happens to him before we get together.
2. [DONE] Chris Hawkey- During the week you find Chris producing and co-hosting KFAN's The Power Trip. When he is not at KFAN you find him singing vocals in the band  Rocket Club.  On May 25th I had the opportunity to meet Chris at KFAN studios in St. Louis Park, MN and sit in on the morning show.  True to a promise I brought him a large Americano from Caribou.
 3.  [DONE]Adam Vickerman - As a food blogger I continue to hear about Adam's food at Cafe' Levain, I knew I am missing out because my fellow bloggers have great taste in food.  On July 19th I met Adam at his restaurant Cafe Levain in Minneapolis, MN.  This also helped me add another restaurant to #8 for the 12 in '12 list. I had a six course tasting menu made by Adam and his Sous Chef Remle.  I recommend sitting at the bar in  the kitchen and watching the incredible dishes come together.
4. [DONE] Leslie Davis - I met Leslie on June 8th for lunch at Tilia in Minneapolis, MN.  We immediately connected over a fabulous lunch.  Leslie and I talked as if we had known each other for years.  I am looking forward to many more wonderful adventures with her; including a trip back to Tilia to try their beer selection.  Oh…and look at the very handsome bartender Tony.
5.  [DONE] Tim Kanaley- Tim was the first person I met.  We had dinner on March 24th at Porter & Frye in Minneapolis, MN.  We had a table seated by the window and enjoyed great conversation. I told Tim we must get together again, more than once.  I also found out that Tim is a runner; he has offered to help me with my running.  He was actually the one who recommended a good pair of shoes and how to shop for them.
6.   [DONE] Dave Sniadak- Dave is too close in proximity that I am surprised we have not met.  It is time to move beyond Facebook and actually set up coffee or lunch or something. 
7.  [DONE] Nick Koppy – I can’t get past a Chinese fortune cookie without thinking about Nick.  When we meet maybe it should involve Chinese food then we can compare fortune cookies.
8.  Scott Pampuch - Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to join him at Corner Table before he left for his new venture at Minnesota Valley Country Club. I found out this past week that Scott is heading to yet another new adventure, The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee.  I am crossing my fingers he will still be around the Twin Cities; I would not object to a road trip though.
9.   [DONE] Jeff Roemhildt - I know two guys named Jeff Roemhildt (kind of scary for such an uncommon last name.)  One I met in 7th grade and we have been friends ever since.  The second Jeff I know of through Supervalu and Facebook.  Jeff works at our Northern Region office, I figured this one should not be too difficult, but half the year is gone and we have not made it happen. I arranged for us to meet on August 16th at The Lowry in Minneapolis.  We sat out on the patio and instantly all connected. 
10.  Rick Reichert - Rick and I keep chatting.  I think it is time for me to go shopping at Patina and see him.
 11.  [DONE] Danny Klecko – Klecko and I met at St. Agnes Baking Company on April 7ths at the retail sale they have on the first Saturday of every month. I must admit…I am in love!! Not only with Klecko (OMG! You have to meet him, he is awesome) but with his Pickle Bread and his Pretzel Bread…one word – YUMMY! I think I might need a 12 step program because I ration my bread to last as long as possible. Klecko said I can come to the bakery and he will put me to work and teach me to make bake.  I sense it could get a bit crazy- I can’t wait!! He also asked me if I would be interested in doing a cooking demo at the Minnesota State Fair.  I agreed and will be making and demonstrating a hot dish (aka casserole) on August 28th at 11am.
12.  [DONE] Geoff Doerfler  I am absolutely shocked I made this one happen!!  He would be one of the long shot on my list because he lives in Portland, OR (though I never let a little travel stop me).  Geoff contacted me and told me he was coming to town for work with his new company; I was excited and was going to make this work.  I figured even if I had to meet him at the airport and carry his bag our meeting was going to happen. I met Geoff on June 13th for lunch at B52’s in Inver Grove Heights. He too is an avid hockey fan, so I made sure Geoff didn't leave the state without a Minnesota Wild hat.
I have had the opportunity to meet other people I knew only via Facebook, including Nikola Govich.  Nikola works at Eat Street Social in Minneapolis.  I found out his 1 year old sent me the friend request…hey the kid has good taste.  

     12. This will be the Year of the Kitchen! –I need more visitors!!!
I don't have the biggest kitchen, but one thing I know is the kitchen is a great place to get together.  In 2012, I am extending the invitation out to everyone from the non-cooks to the best chefs I know to come over, hang out and whip up some great food.  Visitors in my kitchen have been: Ross Sveback, Mitch Hildman, Adam Warner, Bob Finch, Mary Lempke, Jen Will, Paul Walker, Vicky Baum, Breanna Baum, & my entire family!
What is next? I have several that I am actively working on. I would like to cross of at least one that is does not have multiple parts, such as #3 and #11.  As with any of my lists like this there may be things added....ok, that is pretty much a guarantee.  

I will continue to update my blog with how I am doing with the 12 in '12 list. Sign up to follow my blog and you can be kept up to date on how it is going.

Happy 2012 Everyone! 

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