September 24, 2012

New Monday New Chapter

Today was the first Monday in a new chapter of my life.  On Friday, September 21st, was my last day at Supervalu where I had worked for six years and five months.  I was part of a lay off.  Without disclosing details, I want let my readers know that I will survive and I am looking forward to writing a new chapter.

I reflected on what has happened in the last six years and five months...well...the list got pretty long. Things happened that made me laugh and made me cry. Things I want to remember always and soon forget.

I started a "To Do" List that includes sending out countless resumes & cover letters, meeting with friends, cleaning the condo, going to mass, writing blogs, and working on the 12 in '12 List.

After my meeting this morning I decided to wander into Sur La Table in Edina, MN; I enjoyed every step.  I could have spent a lot of money in there.

As I walked to my car with bag in hand (of course I bought something), I had a moment that was the scene in a movie where the actor is walking and the voice over is what the actor is thinking, but in the actor's voice. I started thinking in my voice over of what I want to accomplish.

I could smell onion rings. It gave me an idea for a new blog series.(More to come)

September 10, 2012

2012 Minnesota State Fair Golden Whisk Award

On September 6th, Danny Klecko announced I was the recipient of the 2012 Minnesota State Fair Golden Whisk Award. This award goes to the presenter who came to the Fair with the most complete demo including: recipe, presentation, production value of handouts, and tangibles. This award is judged solely by Danny Kelcko.  He wrote on his blog ( 
Kelly is one of the few presenters that I brought in from the Minnesota Food Bloggers site called Fortify. Kelly has always done interesting Blog posts so I asked her if she would be interested and let me tell you....Her vibe is to talk about the need for having access to single serving recipes. Well.......about 4 hours before show time, this young woman wheels in a gigantic suitcase filled with who knows what. She was with other adults from her family, but the thing I remember the most is how she had a nephew tagging along with her. At a moment like this it would have been EZ for Kelly to be locked into her own world, but she was very sensitive and deliberate when answering the 10 billion questions that this little boy hurled at her.
 As show time drew closer.....Kelly set up a portable kitchen like I have never seen in close to 500 shows. All this culinary apparatus was certainly enough to nominate her for the golden whisk....but then I saw her hand outs. WOW......she had 4 color professionally designed recipes that were worthy of a glossy mag. I was pretty impressed. But then....get this, then when the audience was assembled, Kelly pulls out a big Bible like looking book.  Then she smiles and says...................."In my kitchen at home, I leave this book open and anybody who comes over to my house is free to sign it. I really enjoy looking back and remembering some of my fondest moments, but then I got to thinking....this may be the biggest kitchen I ever get the chance to cook in, and I would be really honored if you folks would take the time to sign my book."  What a classy move.  And when the presentation was over.......Kelly's groupies swarmed the stage to add to her memories of this special day. About a million hours later when her fans thinned out, and she packed all her gear away, her family filed into the kitchen to thank me for allowing Kelly the opportunity to present. I felt kinda weird cuz.....truth be told, the pleasure was all mine. Nice job Kelly.”

I really enjoyed the experience of cooking at the St. Agnes Baking Company Demo Kitchen in the Creative Arts Building at the Minnesota State Fair. I look forward to cooking there again next year.