September 24, 2012

New Monday New Chapter

Today was the first Monday in a new chapter of my life.  On Friday, September 21st, was my last day at Supervalu where I had worked for six years and five months.  I was part of a lay off.  Without disclosing details, I want let my readers know that I will survive and I am looking forward to writing a new chapter.

I reflected on what has happened in the last six years and five months...well...the list got pretty long. Things happened that made me laugh and made me cry. Things I want to remember always and soon forget.

I started a "To Do" List that includes sending out countless resumes & cover letters, meeting with friends, cleaning the condo, going to mass, writing blogs, and working on the 12 in '12 List.

After my meeting this morning I decided to wander into Sur La Table in Edina, MN; I enjoyed every step.  I could have spent a lot of money in there.

As I walked to my car with bag in hand (of course I bought something), I had a moment that was the scene in a movie where the actor is walking and the voice over is what the actor is thinking, but in the actor's voice. I started thinking in my voice over of what I want to accomplish.

I could smell onion rings. It gave me an idea for a new blog series.(More to come)


  1. Onion rings are fun, the things you could try with different batters :-)