April 20, 2011

New Menus at The Inn

The Inn in Minneapolis launch the new drink menu this week with seven new cocktails.

The Norwegian Sunset  
A Virgin No More 
Carthusian Swede 
Irish Lassie 
What's Under Your Kilt 
Compass Rose #1 
Diego Vega

    I have tried four of the seven and none of them disappoint.  I cannot pick a favorite because they are all uniquely different in flavors. 
    • Carthusian Swede - This bubbly cocktail includes the aromatic flavor of Thyme.
    • Irish Lassie - It's made with Jameson Irish Whiskey (that should tell you it is great), but Jesse adds in Aperol, Cocchi Americano, Orange Mist and Bolivar Bitters to make this Irish cocktail that isn't just for St. Patty's.
    • Compass Rose #1 - Gin, Elderflower and a house made Blood Orange cordial are just a few of the flavors in the Compass Rose #1. You will also enjoy a spritz of Rosewater and grapefruit bitters.  This drink screams Summer.
    • Diego Vega - Every flavor presents itself in this drink and compliments the other ingredients. Mezcal tequila, blackberries, balsamic vinegar and ginger are all flavors you will pick up when you pick up this cocktail. It is one of the few drinks served with ice at The Inn.
    In addition to the cocktails, Chef Tyge Nelson also has changed the dinner menu.  My parents tried the Brandade (a shrimp with saffron type croquet) and loved it.  We all enjoyed the Flatbread (Potato, caramelized onion, Fontina cheese, and mushrooms); I loved the combination of flavors. Tyge also whipped up a few batches tradition bar fare by creating pork rinds.  They were a bit salty, but that is nothing a good cocktail or beer couldn't wash down.

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