September 27, 2011

Schwans' Makes Quick Meals for Singles

Two products I keep on hand are the Schwans' Unbreaded Chicken Filets (item #502) and the Asparagus Spears (item #779).  These items are quick to prepare and perfect for one or two servings. 

Schwans' uses 100% all natural chicken! These boneless, skinless filets are 99% fat free and great for grilling, roasting, or to use in any of your favorite chicken recipes. Packed in individually wrapped in easy-peel packaging keeps product fresh and easy to use for one or two servings. There are 10 servings per box.

The asparagus is easy to use.  It can simply be thawed and eaten cold; grilled; cooked and added to any dish.  This isn't your pencil thin asparagus, these stalks are hearty!

I find Schwans' products equal to fresh products without the worry of spoiling.  Many items come in resealable bags so you can use as little or as much as you need. If you are trying to control your portion, these two items are great for because of the individual or resealable packages.  Of course, if you are a fan of asparagus like I am you might get a little out of control. 

For this dish I took the froze chicken breast and cooked it in my cast-iron pan; as it cooked I added a little seasoning. While the chicken was cooking I took out my asparagus spears to thaw; once the chicken was almost ready to eat I added the asparagus to the pan to heat. I topped this simple dish with a fig sauce I had on hand.  This meal without the fig sauce cost $3.16.

"Schwan's is an online grocery store that offers food delivery to your home. Products range from ice cream and dessert to meats, dairy and recipes to match." 

To find out more about Schwans visit their website 

Watch for more recipes I make using Schwans products. 

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