April 10, 2012

Become a NSBG Member

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Become a NSBG Member Today!

Misconception #1: "I'm not a "craft style" bartender, I can't join!" This is the biggest misconception about NSBG. We are ALL bartenders, what our group provides is a better knowledge and understanding about our industry, the beverage world and how to be the best hospitality ambassador you can be.

Misconception #2: "That group is a bunch of pretentious cocktail nerds" No, No, NO! The NSBG is about community both the one in which we live and the one in which we work. NSBG is a community of hospitality enthusiasts that provide a high level of commitment back into our community. NSBG also gives you the tools and knowledge base to take with wherever you go, be it behind a bar or out into the community you serve.

Misconception #3: "I'm not a service industry professional, I can't join anyways" Not true! We currently have members that have never been behind a bar in their life! We have brand ambassadors, bloggers, and just overall beverage enthusiasts that are a part of NSBG.
Does our organization focus on cocktails, brews, wine and spirits? Yes of course, but we also focus on giving back to our community with fund raisers, business partnerships, hosted dinners and guest appearances throughout our community.

Ok, what benefits comes with being an NSBG member? A growing rewards program (discounts and special offers with multiple local businesses); discounted ticket prices on all NSBG and affiliates’ events/dinners/functions; access to beverage tastings from distillers all over the world; first-in-line access to rare, hard to get seasonal spirits, brews and wines directly from the distributor and in some instances direct from the distiller; most importantly you have a hand in deciding the direction of not only the NSBG but the beverage industry in our community as a whole!

How to become a member: Go to our website, www.nsbarguild.org, and click on the 'Join/Subscribe' tab and follow the directions given. Or, come to one of our events, we always have a membership table set up and ready to take new memberships. Also our member meetings (1st and 3rd Monday of each month) we are always available to accept new memberships.

Contact for Questions: email info@nsbarguild.org with any questions you may have about becoming a member. Thank you for your support and consideration about joining the NSBG family!

Jesse Held Founding Member and President
North Star Bartenders Guild

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