June 14, 2012

Crossed off 11.12 on the 12 in '12 List!

Crossed off 11.12 on the 12 in '12 List! I couldn't have this list without Geoff.  He would be one of  the long shot on my list because he lives in Portland, OR (though I never let a little travel stop me). 

I know him through my work at Supervalu.  He was one of my favorite vendors to call.  During a conversation we found out we were both Catholic and then started talking about Rome; I told him about my trip in 2000 and encouraged him to take his wife and daughters.  (I would be happy to back too).  

Geoff contacted me last week and told me he was coming to town for work with his new company; I was excited and was going to make this work.  I figured even if I had to meet him at the airport and carry his bag our meeting was going to happen.  Geoff and I met for lunch at B52’s in Inver Grove Heights. He too is an avid hockey fan, so I made sure Geoff didn't leave the state without a Minnesota Wild hat. He said he would probably get to come back again I told him he needs to plan his next visit around Minnesota State Fair time or have enough time where he can bring his wife and daughters to shop. 

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