August 17, 2012

Meeting Jeff Roemhildt (11.9)

In my life I have know two guys named Jeff Roemhildt (kind of scary for such an uncommon last name.)  One I met in 7th grade and we have been friends ever since.  The second I knew only through Supervalu and Facebook.  The Jeff  I had not met works at our Northern Region office. The Jeff's had actually contacted each other on Facebook while searching for their name.  They had sent a couple messages, but never met. After having conversations with both Jeff's I found out they were actually related. I figured my 12 in '12 List was the perfect excuse to get together.

I decided that it was time that Jeff and Jeff met, and I met Jeff.  I arranged for us to meet on August 16th at The Lowry in Minneapolis.  We sat out on the patio and instantly all connected.  Before high school friend Jeff arrived, work Jeff and I talked about the work week at Supervalu. Then when high school friend Jeff arrived, the Jeff's discussed their family connection and found out they spent time at some of the same family places. It was interesting listening to them have the conversation.  I am sure there will be more conversations about family history between the two of them. 

Me and Jeff
Jeff and Jeff
We all enjoyed dinner and a drinks at The Lowry and discussed plans for getting together again soon.  I must add there was one more Jeff in my evening; my friend and The Lowry Assistant GM Jeff Rogers; it made introductions really easy. 

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