March 3, 2013

Exploring Outside

I have been sitting inside all morning,  it is 2:00 pm so I decided to walk outside. I have been inside for the past few months I figured it was time to warm up and unthaw from my life in Minnesota.  It is sunny and degrees with a slight breeze occasionally coming through. 

The hotel is surrounded by a wall with a gate that we entered last night.  I found they have a beautiful courtyard with chairs, tables and umbrells. I also found a small bar outside.  And who is behind the bar? Our host Sam joined by another staff member. They are watching CNN. I took a seat in the courtyard to work on some blogs but I think an African beer might be calling my name soon.

I looked on the wall and saw an orange headed lizard; he must be camera shy because he scurried away when I took his picture. If my nephew Charlie was here I am sure he would have reached up and grabbed him. The only other wild life I have seen is a lazy cat snoozing away.  

I tried a Nile Special Beer 4,000 Schilling ($5.00 US) It is a lager beer from Uganda that is 5.6 % ABV . According to it's label it is the "International award winning beer brewed at the source of the great river Nile ". The Ingredients include Water, Barley, Maize Grits, sugar, hops, and CO2. Nile Special has a simple taste that goes down smooth. Even at a cold temperature it forms a long lasting head.

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