March 3, 2013

We Have Arrived!

We arrived in Entebbe, Uganda last night. According to my calendar it is March 3rd. was two days of travel. I saw the sunset as we left the United States and then saw it rise is we flew into Amsterdam, I saw the sunset again we headed towards the southern hemisphere to the country of Rwanda. It different flying into someplace that is almost completely dark until you taxi to the gate and see the lights of the terminal. I can now officially say I have been in the Southern Hemisphere.
When we arrive in Entebbe we stepped off the plane to a temperature of 74 degrees; I was instantly sweating, but I was happy not to see snow on the ground. We met another American from Chicago who was here working with a local Orphanage and School. He has worked with them for a number of years. He had two bins of "gifts" for the kids; he led us past customs without any questions or having them open our five bins.
Our hotel host Sam greeted us with a welcoming smile outside of customs. He is a wonderful local man born and raised in Uganda. He showed us pictures of his two daughters (6 years & 3 months old)-he was a very proud dad. Unfortunately where he parked the police didn't like and they put a boot on his wheel to prevent him from moving. He had to speak with the Policeman standing nearby to convince him to release the van; Linda even went to ask and apologize because it took us longer than Sam may have planned. It was a short trip to the Executive Airport Hotel.
Our room is simple, but the best part was laying down to sleep after only a maximum 30 minutes of sleep on the plane at a time. maybe I should say just laying down because I was showing Linda how to use my Samsung Note 10 tablet with stylus to send emails; she was having fun and I think will be purchasing a tablet upon her return. Wait until I show her the drawing apps.   We were told last night we only had our room for one night, which worried us because we didn't think we would get to rest as long. We did find out this morning we get to stay one more night at the Executive Airport hotel which will help with our sleep recovery. The staff here is wonderful and accommodating. Plus they have free WiFi which is a benefit for us bloggers.  

For some reason I cannot easily add photos and captions go I am adding them at the end . Our plane in Amsterdam. My view of Rwanda. Hotel Room

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  1. Glad you made it Kelly! We look forward to following your journey when you can post. You are so lucky to be doing this. I am so excited for you.