May 15, 2011

Food Trucks - Dispatches and Recipes from the Best on Wheels

I never thought when I went to dinner in Kansas City, MO that I would come across an event called "First Fridays".  It is a local art crawl that happens in the various areas of Kansas City; we were in the Mid-town area. Amongst the crowds of musicians and local artist was author, Heather Shouse, signing her book Food Trucks - Dispatches and Recipes from the Best on Wheels.

Food trucks have been around for decades, but have become more popular because it eliminates the overhead of having a full restaurant.  Heather found owners who invested $20,000 to $50,000 to start their food trucks verses $400,000 to open a restaurant.  Even the U.S. government has added a page on their small business website titled "Tips for Starting You Own Street Food Business".

Shouse's book travels the country in search of local food trucks.  She even visited Oahu, Hawaii and talks about Giovanni's which my parents make a stop at when they visit Oahu.  I cannot wait to share the rest of the Hawaii section with them for their next visit.

Minneapolis is represented in the book by Chef Shack started by Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson in 2007.

The book not only tells the story of these rolling restaurants, but also includes recipes of some of their tasty creations. I am excited to try the food trucks as I travel and the recipes when I am at home.

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