March 23, 2012

Flex Watch

Photo by Matt Weber (
I have been looking for a watch that wasn't metal because it seemed my wrist kept reacting to the metal of any watch I had on.  I also didn't want anything that looked like an 8 year old should be wearing it.  In February, my friend Kristine Knutson, owner of How Impressive!,  was wearing a watch from Flex Watches.  I tried it on and found that only a small amount of metal actually touched my skin.  I thought this was the perfect option because it was primarily silicone. She told me you can change the bands and the faces to create different combinations.  I also like that it was a fun accessory.  I needed to know where to get one. Kristine told me she sells them at her store in Libertyville, IL, but they can also be purchased online.  The best part about Flex Watches is they give back to 10 different charities based on the color purchased. Kristine extends the charity by donating profit from her in store sales to a local charity each month no matter what color someone buys. 

The 10-10-10 standard (10 colors | 10 charities | 10 percent) was created in hopes of raising awareness through unique colorful products. Flex Watches gives back 10% of each sale to a charity they partner with based on the color. 
"The Flex is not just a watch, it's a brand that represents the lifestyle we aspire to lead.  Our watches don't just tell time, they tell stories. "

I chose the Orange Flex Watch; it represents the St. Bernard Project. The mission of the St. Bernard Project is create housing opportunities so that Hurricane Katrina survivors can return to their homes and communities. From the first time I started wearing it last week I have been asked about it or someone has commented on it-that is how you spread awareness.  

To find out about the other charities represented go to


  1. I think Klecko would enjoy w/e charity was green

    1. It was a toss up between the Orange and Green for me. I am thinking of ordering a green one too.

  2. If you would like your very own FLEX WATCH, we have some in stock and they can be shipped out today! @ how impressive! 847.680.6458 . It's the greatest thing, by purchasing one you are helping such great causes! You can go to my website but order them thru me direct Kristine L. Knutson, owner of how impressive! and personal friend of Kelly Branscomb! Way to go Kelly, you are making a difference! 847.680.6458