March 14, 2012

No Red Solo Cup

Toby Keith can have his ever popular "Red Solo Cup" I prefer my green travel mug from Liquid Solutions.  I bought this mug during a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi in today back in 2005. I still remember the day I bought it. I was looking for something to keep ice water cold and coffee hot.  The design was a what caught my eye from the assortment to choose from and I love green so I knew the mug was meant for me.  I used it for the rest of the trip and packed it in my carry one bag for coffee on the way home.  Four months later Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the area.  I have used this mug almost every day since that trip, I still love the design.  It is a great reminder of a fun trip.

I visited Liquid Solutions and found a few new items I might have to try.  The first is the new line called Sof-t™. It has a stainless interior (great for keeping temperature of your beverage how you want it) with a soft slip-free grip.  It is also dishwasher safe.  I would have to pick the
Origami Crane Sof-t Tumbler (Vibrant Green) because I love the green & it has Origami cranes on it.

I have started drinking more tea and often want to use loose tea. The Majes-Tea (Green Tea) would be the perfect solution for making tea at work or while I am on the go.

Thank you to Liquid Solutions for making a great product!

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