June 7, 2011

The Inn (Minneapolis, MN)- Closed

It was with great sadness I learned this morning of the closing of one of my favorite restaurants - The Inn in Minneapolis.

According to the Star Tribune "“We made a difficult decision today,” said co-owner Tim Niver. “Everybody there is so awesome. We were all just really starting to click, but we just weren’t as busy as we needed to be to support the dream.”"

I am not going to say I will miss seeing Jesse Held and Tim Leary mixing some of the best cocktails in town behind the bar or Tyge Nelson creating delicious food and coming out of the kitchen to visit; these guys will be somewhere else soon.  (Note to Tim: Make sure they give you my glass)

I am happy I was able to enjoy the food, drinks, atmosphere, and staff of The Inn. I would say my favorites: Grass Fed Beef Burger with Foie Gras Mousse and Fried Egg on an English Muffin, Crispy Potato Dumplings, Flatbread, I even tried Tyge's Headcheese Ravioli on my last visit.

Thank you!!!

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